Sunday, November 29, 2015

(Advent) Sunday Salon

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Scene: Living room.. TV off (YAY) and the room is quiet enough to hear the clock ticking and the furnace cycling. My feet are cold--it's just barely 32 degrees outside--and Beast and I are ensconced in our morning internet perusal. Outside the sun is shining through high streaky clouds.

Today's Plan: We were just discussing this. There's no football of interest on for us today until 7. There's laundry to do. Maybe I can finally clear off my desk and put everything where it belongs, which will first entail FINDING A PLACE for stuff. I hate that. Maybe I should get dressed at some point as well; I'm still in my PJs.

Listening to: Ticky-tacking of keyboards and house noises.

Drinking: Diet Doctor Pepper. I just had a piece of leftover T-giving cherry pie with Cool Whip. Pie for breakfast--how decadent! And that reminds me of Sparky, who brought the pie from his workplace, which reminds of me of the pies he forgot a couple of years ago...and also makes me wonder what career path he's heading down: food/hospitality or forensic chemistry.

Thinking about: A book I'm reading, Christmas purchases and planning, grocery shopping for a fundraiser meal on Tuesday, family, emails to Sunday School kids' parents re next week's Advent reading....I'm sort of all over the map today.

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