Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Stealing

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Mac'n Cheese Meme

Can you ever get enough of mac ‘n’ cheese?

Actually yes I can. We have it--homemade--often. I get tired of it.
Are you allergic to nuts or diary products?

Heh, no, nor dairy products even. I was told once that I might be on the verge of developing a peanut allergy but it never blossomed.
Do you think age matters in relationships?
Sure, it matters if it matters.
Has anyone ever called the cops on you?
Not...yet. That I know of.
Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
That hasn't happened in a very very long time.
What’s the connection between the last person you texted?
We're married.
Are you in a good mood?
No, actually, I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack and feeling very put-upon and crabby.
Excited for anything?
This weekend to be over? I do get to play with a two-year-old this week, so that could be fun. And his mom, my niece.
Do you have a hard time controlling your emotions?
Yes, and this is why I'm feeling anxious and crabby.
Do you like your height?
Yes. I like being tallish.
How long have you lived in your current home?
It'll be 12 years next month.
Could you go a week without brushing your teeth?
No. Yuck. I mean I could, but yuck.
Have you ever given any amount of money to the homeless?
Own anything from Bath & Body Works?
...yeah, a few things. OK, a few dozen things. ;-)
Have you ever had your nails so long that they curved down at the ends?

I rarely have very long nails at all (hello, nail-biter here), but I have one nail that does curve down as soon as it gets past the nail bed.
Have you ever swallowed a bunch of salt water by accident?
I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a good idea though.
Does it take you over an hour to go to sleep sometimes?
Quite often. And if/when I do drop off quickly, I generally wake up within an hour and then I'm awake forever. Welcome to my very interesting night-time hours.
When you get home from school/work do you change into your pjs right away?
Not usually, though I often change into more comfortable clothes.
Have you ever stayed up all night and the whole next day without any sleep?
Multiple times. Isn't this more-or-less part of being a grown-up? I mean in the last year alone, I've done that because my house flooded in the middle of the night, and because I had to take Beast to the ER at bedtime and stay with him and bring him home. And for other reasons in the past.
Has anyone ever told you that you have pretty feet?
I have no idea. Not recently. I think my feet are ok, though, which is, perhaps, more important.
What is the temperature currently in the town you live in?
Officially, it's 66. Perfect fall evening.
Do you ever actually drink milk alone?
I don't drink milk, period. About 10 years ago I decided that, at age 40+ and never liking the stuff, I was totally DONE with it.

2 sweet-talkers :

Kwizgiver said...

I stopped drinking milk when I turned 13. I decided it was gross and I'd never liked it.

Zippi Kit said...

Feet are pretty when they work well! It's a sort of beauty if function thing. Milk is gross, especially when you know what's in it.

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