Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Salon

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Living room. Overcast outside, dim inside except for the blazing light over my shoulder. It's a sunlamp, so it's meant to be bright. Seems a little extra-super-shiny today.
Today's Plan:
Church, then breakfast. Beast has mowing. I need to catch up my reading on GoodReads, and probably do some laundry. Also, the cleaning crew is coming on Tuesday, so I should tidy things up. The guinea pigs need attention as usual. And maybe a nap?
The dregs of last night's DDP.
Listening to:
The clock ticking, my fingers tippy-tapping on the keyboard, and the computer fan. It's very very quiet. Even the fridge isn't running. Beast left early to run the sound booth at church.
Participating in:
Life. I have (grand) jury duty this week. It's scheduled twice a week all month, but they've already told me it'll probably be only one day a week. Also, our database at work will be down tomorrow and Tuesday, which means there is practically nothing I can do in terms of my usual job. Maybe I'll write a procedure manual finally! Actually, my plan is to work on my weeding. It's that time of year: time to clear the shelves of the dreck.
Blogging about:
Just memes lately. I'm so tired all the time that I just don't have the push to be particularly creative. I was set to pick up my CPAP Friday and then ... balls were dropped, insurance was unclear on coverage, etc. The end result is that I might be sorted by mid-September.
Giving thanks for:
Cooler temperatures and lower humidity. That's supposed to revert this week so I'm grateful for a break today. Glad our pastor is back from sabbatical today.

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