Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Salon

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Scene: Living room. 8:23 a.m. Beast is upstairs showering. We've checked in our sleep overnight and recovery from yesterday's moving day. Looks like a cloudy, potentially-rainy day outside.

Today's Plan: We're off to church in 20 minutes. Then home where I will rearrange what's left in Sparky's room, sort and start laundry, and clean the guinea pig cage. Beast needs to do the bills. We'll probably watch a race.

Drinking: I should just skip this one: the answer is always the same. Diet Dr. Pepper straight from the can.

Listening to: It's very quiet in the house: clock ticking, laptop keys tick-tacking as I type, and the laptop fan. I love living where it's quiet. I can hear Beast getting ready and feeding the piggies. He's got his usual "drainage cough" which he refuses to see a doctor about....

Participating in: The usual. I got a jury duty summons this week for the entire month of September; it's for grand-jury, rather than petit, which explains the longer time for service. Also, kinda more fun from my perspective.

Blogging about: The usual. Spending more time on Facebook and reading other people's stuff than writing my own. I did finish a couple of books this week, so I need to update the reviews on GoodReads and transfer them to the book blog.

Giving thanks for: I'm really pleased at the place Sparky moved into yesterday. It's very small but adorable and full of character. We got to meet one of his longest-term college friends--but not his roommate, weirdly, even though he was supposed to have been there "all day"--and I snuck in some religious quotes by lining his dresser drawers with wrapping paper with Bible verses. God's got his back, even though he doesn't seem to "need" God right now. So today is my first official full day as an Empty Nester.

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