Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Salon

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Living room. Watching Ghost Whisperer. Enjoying the relative silence of morning. Beast just got out of bed.
He looks SO much like his mommy,
Katherine, at the same age!
Today's plan:
I need to figure out how to wrap a bulky present, and I need to make a fruit salad in something transportable. We're going to a birthday party for my (almost) two-year-old great-nephew this afternoon!
Listening to:
I've just muted GW so Beast and I can talk while he wakes up all the way. So, mostly, I hear him talking and walking around, and the clock ticking.
Finishing last night's leftover DDP and Beast just brought me a new can when that's gone.
Thinking about:
I'm not really thinking yet. Just some general thoughts about what needs doing this morning, allergies (outdoor party today means I'll probably be feeling like crap the next two days), and timing of my shower.
Giving thanks for:
birthdays, babies (Katherine's pregnant too), cake, warm weather, and a healthy husband and son.

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