Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Salon

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Surprisingly sunny. It rained like nuts last night and was generally overcast. I thought today would be rainy again. I'm sure it's close to 80% humidity, but at least the sunj is shining.
Today's plan:
I did a sleep study last night, so I came home today at 6 a.m., left Beast's Father's Day present and a card on his living room chair, and went up to read in bed. We were without power part of the night, so the generator was running and the battery back-up in the office was beeping so staying near that, i.e. in the living room, wasn't happening. And then I fell asleep after Sparky left for work at 7:15. Now we're watching the delayed NASCAR race, then I'm sure there will be golf. I'm reading all the Facebook updates--found out a kid Sparky went to school with died in a car wreck last night--and my reading stuff on GoodReads. Dinner was promised as mac n cheese, maybe with grilled cheddar brats. Whee.
Just finished the Diet Coke I bought at McD's on the way home from the hospital.
Listening to:
Blogging about:
I'm just catching up with all the memes.
Giving thanks for:
Peace, calm, family, loved ones, a new baby* in the (extended) family this week.... There is much for which I'm properly grateful.
*I have four nieces/nephews who've started having babies in the past 6 years; they've had a total of 6 babies with one more on the way. They are ALL boys. What in the world? Good thing I really don't care!

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