Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Salon

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11:21 a.m.
Living room, alone, feet under the green plaid throw, watching Deadliest Catch on DVR. Waiting for Beast to return from his unexpected church duty this morning with Munchkins. I can hear the guinea piggies banging around, reminding me that I need to clean their cage today.
Today's plan:
Well, there's the cleaning mentioned above. There's probably a race on this afternoon. I need to do some work on the cataloging procedure manual I'm working on for our library consortium. Catch up on the local paper--I'm three weeks behind! Oh, and the paperwork for next week's sleep study. Essentially, it's all odds and ends.
Listening to:
The aforementioned Deadliest Catch and guinea pigs. And my fingers tippy-tapping.
Diet Dr. Pepper.
Blogging about:
Just this.
  • The Bone Clocks (David Mitchell); audiobook, just started Friday on the drive home from work.
  • The Ice Queen (Nele Neuhaus); German mystery. I'm struggling a little with the huge cast of characters.
  • Back on Murder (J. Mark Bertrand); ebook, been reading it for free on my phone from Bookshout since December. Mystery. Not bad, but rather diffuse.
  • The Bible's Cutting Room Floor (Joel M. Hoffman); reading it at work, and haven't gotten too far into it yet.
  • The Magician's Land (Lev Grossman); ebook, third in a trilogy and a bit heavy but interesting concepts
  • Jesus (James Martin); I own this and have set it aside to work on books from the library. Haven't gotten too far into it.
Giving thanks for:
Sparky's presence and attitude, Beast's continuing recovery, the new baby in the many blessings.

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Joyful said...

Hi Cat! So glad that you have joined in on Sunday Salon today. Just an FYI... you can change up the categories if you like. You have a lot of books going right now. I would be way behind on the paper too if I had that many. I also take part in a Friday's Fave Five if you care to come over and check it out.

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