Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday 5

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So Rank
  1. What memories do you have of an old-fashioned general store?
    There's one about two miles from here. So, not so much memories as it is just another place to stop for a pound of sliced ham, a game of checkers by the pot-belly stove, or a can of oil for the car.
  2. What’s something people think incorrectly of your home state (or country) but still contains a kernel of truth?
    My home state isn't where I live, but where I live the 'kernel' thing works: we have a lot of corn and one big city. It's pretty much true, though there are a few other good-sized cities, and some other crops, like soybeans. As for my actual home state... Everyone thinks it's all mountains. It's not; half the state is flatter than hell and just as awful.
  3. What are the major differences between you and your best (non-romantic) friend?
    One big difference is that she tends to think things through before responding while I pop off with idiotic reactions immediately and then spend a lot of time apologizing and/or feeling like an idiot.
  4. What’s something you were the captain of?
    I believe I held the title of captain for the wrestling team assistants in high school. And I wore a Captain America shirt at work yesterday so I got "Captain!"'d there a couple of times.
  5. What’s the story of your first private moment with a high-school romantic interest?
    It can probably be best summed-up with two (or three depending on how you count) words: tongue-tied mortification.

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