Monday, June 1, 2015

Blogthings Quintupled

Your Memories Are Accurate
You have a lot of memories swirling around your head - some good, some bad, some mixed.

You aren't one to romanticize the past... or to minimize it. You see everything as it happened, and often those feelings are still raw.

While the past can seem a bit too alive at times, you're good at compartmentalizing it. You put memories away when you are done with them.

Because of your realistic take on the past, you make an awesome storyteller. You don't sugarcoat anything,
and you have interesting perspective on events.
This is kind of freakishly true, but I'm not sure how "interesting" my perspective is. It's just normal for me.

You Are Fresh
You have a cheery and optimistic outlook on life. You believe in solving problems... not complaining about them.

You are a natural innovator, and ideas come to you in a flash. You are very inspired.

You are not one to get stuck in a rut, and you are constantly looking at the world upside down. Sometimes literally!

Your feet were made for: skipping anywhere you feel like it.
My skipping days are pretty much over at this point, I fear. And I'm not always cheery, though I fake it well.

You Are Currant Jam
You are subtle and refined. You have a depth that others enjoy once they get to know you, but you're not one to go bragging about it.

You are the kind of person who likes the finer things in life, but you don't just passively enjoy them. You've been known to spin out some fine creations of your own.

You have strong values, and you're not one to compromise your core beliefs. You are who you are - take it or leave it.

You love a good classic, and you keep tradition alive.
In fact, you pride yourself on being quite classic too.
OK then, I'm not quite sure what to make of this.

People Love Your Trustworthiness
You believe in doing what you say and saying how you feel. You shoot straight with people, for better or worse.

People may not always like it when you say "no" or give them honest feedback.
But in the end, they do appreciate it.

Others come to you when they need the truth or a real favor. You take your role as a friend seriously, and you try not to let others down.

You are always [usually] good for whatever you promise - whether it's keeping a secret or doing something difficult for a friend in need.
I do value honesty. I'm not always very tactful, either, so I need to do some work on that. I'm trying to learn to keep my mouth shut, but it's not by choice and it's not fun.

You Are Smart
You are a very intelligent person, but you don't necessarily see yourself that way. You tend to have a very clear head.

You think about things carefully, even when you don't realize that you're doing it. You have a lot of gears churning in your head.

You enjoy solving problems and coming up with new innovations. If you are patient enough, something will come to you - it always does.

You see patterns and meaning where others see nothing. You are very observant and good at putting details together.
Ayup, all true.

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