Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Stealing

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The More Or Less Meme

3 (or more, or less!) things...

1. cannot live without.
Air, water, food. Yes I am that literal. If you're looking for "Things I would prefer not to live without" the list would include books/reading material, hugs (OK, it's one of the big reasons I go to church--got a lot of good hugging this morning), and music.
2. CAN live without, but cannot seem to part with.
My grandmother's old wooden knitting needles, dozens of books, and refrigerator magnets.
3. wish to accomplish this COMING week.
Re-certifying my CPR creds, clearing at least a cart's worth of cataloging, and keeping a 'professional' (gawd I loathe that word!) demeanor through the mayhem of new tech system and tax season and roof repairs.
4. have accomplished this PAST week.
Monthly statistics are done, monthly budget is done including the upcoming end-of-year encumbrances--and we're under budget (I think), and buying Dilly Bars only to discover (finally) my boss's Achilles heel is ice cream.
5. ...on your holiday (or non-holiday) 'wish list.'
Sparky's home, we had a relatively painless extended-family meetup yesterday, and I church was lovely this morning.
6. would like to change about yourself.
I'd like to stop feeling like I have to watch my step with my boss ALL THE TIME, I need to lose weight and get some exercise, and I would love to keep better control of my emotions.
7. like about yourself.
I'm forgiving to a fault (in time), I have a decent sense of humor, and I'm smart.
8. should be doing right now instead of what you ARE doing.
cleaning, napping, OR reading.
9. your life that could use a little more organization.
my desk (here and at work lately), the storage areas in the house, and my car.

4 sweet-talkers :

CountryDew said...

I think getting hugs is a very good reason to go to church. If I thought I would get hugs, I would go.

Kwizgiver said...

I have a rotten cold, but I could use aome good hugs, too.

Cat. said...

Consider yourselves both hugged!!!

Helena said...

I hate Bossy bosses. I had a yo-yo one once.......

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