Sunday, April 12, 2015

Friday 5

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  1. What’s a current political or social issue on which you stand opposed?
    I'm pretty adamantly opposed to the Tea Party as a whole. I don't get their conception of the world at all. I'm against punishing the middle class and poor to pay for the stupidity and greed of the rich. And I'm against hate.
  2. What forces have worked against your efforts this week?
    My emotions seem to be running the show lately, and I'm having a hard time hearing reality over their clamor. It's a little annoying...and scary.
  3. Would you rather have to climb a steep hill in order to get into your house, or climb a steep hill in order to get out?
    I'd rather live at the top of a hill. Which I do. Most of the homes I've loved most have been on the crest of hills. The one I hated...bottom of a hill. That wasn't the whole reason, but it did not help.
  4. In what way have you recently made things difficult for someone else?
    I'm apparently making life miserable for [some?] people at work, according to People In the Know. Nothing like a little paranoia to make life interesting.
  5. In what way has the “opposites attract” cliché been true in your life?
    To a certain extent, Beast and I are rather opposites in several unimportant-ish ways and my parents were very different in how they perceived life, too. I think it's a cliché that is true, but not in an absolute sense. You have to be the same in some ways or there will be nightmares ahead.

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