Saturday, April 4, 2015


You Are a Fall Early Morning
You are very energetic, and your passions tend to change with the wind. You love so many things.

Your life tends to be a bit cyclical, and you're constantly rediscovering old inspirations and ambitions.

Fall is the perfect season for a colorful yet deep person like you. And morning is the best time to get started.

You flourish every time of year, but autumn is especially good for you.
There's more openness to art, expression, and the spices of life!
I like fall a lot. I'm not sure this is totally accurate, but it would be nice if the highlighted parts were.

You Are Friendly
You are an easy person to get along with, even if you aren't always in an outgoing mood. You enjoy being around people.

You love good conversation and good company. You're the type to strike up a friendship with a stranger if you are thrown together for a while.

You are quite sure of who you are, but it doesn't bother you to have friends from various walks of life. You can appreciate another perspective.

You are open to new possibilities, and you don't like too have too much set in stone. With the right group of people, it's fun to see where the day takes you.
Well, as a matter of fact....

You Are 30% Prankster
You aren't a major prankster, but you love a good prank every now and then. And you've pulled a few good ones in your time.

When you prank, you tend to think outside the box. If it hasn't been done before, you're that much more likely to go for it.
I've been on the receiving end of pranks enough to really enjoy promulgating them.

You Are Politically More American
You tend to value freedom in politics, and you prefer that the government stays as lean as possible.

You are attracted to political figures more than actual parties. And you appreciate a politician who doesn't toe the party line.
Surprised? Not me.

You Should Live in the Pearl District
You love everything the city has to offer - from dining to shopping to entertainment.

While you are quite artsy, you have a wide range of tastes. You like everything from indie to mainstream.

You love any thing from a good book to a good brew, and you can find them all in this fun part of Portland.

You dig eclectic, welcoming environments. Your ideal neighborhood is one you rarely even have to leave!
I am decidedly NOT moving to Portland or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. I need as much sunshine as possible.

You Are Optimistic
You are energetic, fun, and even a little crazy. You don't let yourself get too out of control though.

You are open to and curious about the world. You love to connect, learn, travel, and explore.

You don't like to plan, and you are delighted by life's little surprises. You like anything out of the ordinary.

You are good to people, and it often comes back around to you.
You feel like you live a charmed life - and you do!
OK then. It really depends on the day as far as favorite. I like omelets and scrambled and the occasional hard-boiled.

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