Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blogthings Smackdown

You Are Independent
You are sweet because you follow your heart. You believe in doing whatever will make you the happiest.

You don't always agree with the majority, and you have no problem with that. You just go a different way.

People are impressed [annoyed?] with your freewheeling individualism, but you feel like you have no other choice. You were born this way.

Your path may be less traveled, but it's vibrant, interesting, and underrated. You are happy [usually] with the direction you have gone in.
I am not sweet!! But...oh well, the rest is accurate. And yum, candy-corn-looking nails! lol

You Are Mathematics
You are a bright person, and quite honestly, you probably excel at most subjects.

However, there is a special place in your heart for math. Numbers and logic make sense to you - much more than they do to other people.

You see math as objective and beautiful. You love to run the numbers on everything, and being mathematical better informs your decisions.

You are also a good builder, due to your attention to mathematical detail. You can rock out everything from a complicated pastry to a woodworking project to a computer program.
Hah! I do have wonderful memories of Ms. S. in 7th and 8th grade math, but I'm not overly into math in general. I do like picky details, though.

You Are Calm
You are a serene, wise, and together person. You are a great person to know, as you are naturally very nurturing.

You offer others the compassion and support that they need. You have enough room in your life to help those around you.

You are a very capable person, and you can be counted on to do a good job. You keep your cool in the face of disaster.

You are a peaceful person who is content to mind her own business. But you are always willing to step in when you're needed.
I am not serene, wise or together, The rest is fairly accurate, I suppose.

You Are Progressive
It's likely that you consider yourself more liberal than most people … and certainly more liberal tha[n] most Americans.

You are well versed in social justice and environmental issues. And you think it’s about time that we did something about them.
I'm not way out with the left-wing extremists, but I'm pretty liberal, yeah.

You Are 36% 90s!
You have some deep love for the 90s, and you’ve been known to dabble in some 90s nostalgia from time to time.

While you're happy to have modern technology (and internet speeds), you wouldn't mind traveling back to the 90s for a day or two!
What can I say? Sparky was a little, cute guy, and the music wasn't awful all the time -- just a lot of the time. ;-) But can I stay in this house instead of going back to the horrible house we were in before??

You Are "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
You are an old fashioned person, and your dream life is simple. You just want the white picket fence ending.

You are a bit traditional for these times, and you're fine with that. You love the idea of marriage and being with one person forever.

You are the romantic type, but you don't expect your partner to be perfect. You love someone completely, flaws and all.

You see a relationship as building a life together. You're ready for the ups and downs that come with that.
Definitely not the romantic type, but everything else here is spot-on. And I do like this song, too.

You Are Idealistic

You are driven to make the world a better place, but not just for yourself. You want to help people, animals, and the whole planet.
You are a good listener and empathizer. You try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes whenever possible.

You are considerate and compassionate. You are more than fair to those around you, and you believe that every little act of kindness does wonders.

You go to great lengths to avoid conflict. You don't think that arguments solve anything, and you would always rather find common ground.
This was a weird concept (a bay??) but I like the results. Except that last part: I'm definitely not afraid of a good argument!!

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