Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Stealing

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Favorite Fictional ?

1. Favorite fictional couple?
I'm kinda partial to Sherlock and Watson, but there are so many detective duos that it's hard to pick another one. But of course the best couple is Jamie and Claire.
2. Favorite fictional character?
Carrying on: Jamie. OF COURSE. But Alice from Lewis Carroll's books has a very special place in my heart.
3. Favorite fictional TV show?
Of all time, M*A*S*H. Currently, I'm really looking forward to NCIS: New Orleans.
4. Favorite fictional movie?
"Heathers" and thank God it's fictional! Close behind are the "Airplane" movies.
5. Favorite fictional villain?
From the TV show and first movie he was in, KHAAAAAAAN! Or Nellie Oleson*.
6. Favorite fictional hero?
Sorry, it's a broken record: Jamie.
7. Favorite fictional pet?
Chet, of the Chet & Bernie mysteries. He's my dog-hero.
8. Favorite fictional setting/universe?
I would have loved to live in Miss Marple's world where everything was orderly and there was a rule for everything and everyone. I suspect I'd be bored and cranky about it though. So I'll say Gus and Call's cattle drive in Lonesome Dove.
9. Least favorite fictional couple?
Heathcliff and Cathy. Took me 1 second to come up with them. God, they are irritating, not to mention horrifying.
10. Least favorite fictional character?
I'm not a fan of Scarlett O'Hara. Or, for that matter, Ashley-fuckin-Wilkes.
11. Least favorite fictional TV show?
The vast majority of those I don't watch.... How can I pick one?
12. Least favorite fictional movie?
"Snow Dogs" was just awful.
13. Least favorite fictional villain?
Least favorite because he's just lousy at villain-ing: Major Major. Least favorite because he's awful a terrible person: Jack Randall.
14. Least favorite fictional hero?
I don't think this counts, but could Tom Cruise please stop saving the world? Otherwise, Luke in "Star Wars" does NOTHING for me.
15. Least favorite fictional pet?
Those annoying cats in the Lilian Jackson Braun books. Ugh. Heresy, I know, but those books are just stoopud.
16. Least favorite fictional setting/universe?
Anything that Danielle Steel has touched. I also don't like really dark noir.
*For several of these questions, I would have loved to have use the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House books, but it's rather hard to differentiate the real with the fictionalized parts. Nellie, however much she was based on a real person or people, was a pastiche.

6 sweet-talkers :

I am Harriet said...

Never saw what Scarlet saw in AF Wilkes either :)

Kwizgiver said...

Great answers--so many that I didn't come up with.

Bev Sykes said...

I loved your answers, especially since you were another one who loved "Outlander." I'm lovin' the show--and so thrilled it has been renewed already. I never thought of Nellie Olson as a villain but I might have picked her too, if I'd thought of it.

Cat. said...

My mom tried to explain Ashley to me, since she was a teen when the movie came out--I never bought it. Not for a second.

I was astounded at how few book-y answers showed up in others' answers. Guess I spend too much time in the library, eh? :-)

Zippi Kit said...

when fiction is involved the movies end up having the most impact I suppose. Really liked your answers Cat.

CountryDew said...

Loved your answers. I had Heathcliff and Catherine, too!

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