Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday 9

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I Got You, Babe
If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.

1) Popular music has produced almost countless groups, but not that many duos. Besides Sonny & Cher, can you name another?
Jan & Dean is the first one to pop into my head. Then the Captain and Tenille, and Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash (though they recorded separately as well).
2) Hearing this recording from his clock radio is how Bill Murray woke up every morning in Groundhog Day. What woke you up this morning?
I'm glad you snuck Groundhog Day I woke up because I was done sleeping. No alarm, no urgent places to be, just a nice lie-in.
3) When she was growing up, Cher practiced her autograph for when she became a star. Is your signature legible? Or is it more of a scrawl?
My signature is legible. I don't hold with lousy handwriting.
4) In addition to show biz, Sonny & Cher had many careers: Sonny was a restauranteur and politician, Cher is an interior designer. Would you like to try your hand at any of those professions?
Nope. I'd be awful at all of them. No, I fear my backup career will be Professional Crime Show Viewer.
5) In 1965, when this song topped the charts, Sonny and Cher were as famous for their wardrobe as for their music. Sonny was fond of tall, heavy-heeled boots while Cher often paired granny dresses with bare feet. What's on your feet right now?
Just nail polish on my toes. And some calluses on the soles. But I do like tall boots too, just not when the humidity is over 90% as it is today.
6) By 1968, their career crashed. Cher's early attempts as a movie actress failed, their records stopped selling and the IRS came after them for back taxes. Have you ever been audited?
No, thank GOD! We did get a call "from the IRS" this week though (not).
7) In 1971 they were on top again with their TV show. But their marriage was coming apart. Sonny said, "For the last 5 years I worried about our career, not about us." Have you ever been guilty of putting career before relationship?
Yes. It's hard not to sometimes, and especially when Beast is out of town so much. I obsess while he's gone and sometimes forget to stop when he's home.
8) By 1972 they were living separate lives -- in the same house. For the sake of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, they pretended to be happily married another year and a half. Tell us about a time when you pretended to be happy, but weren't.
The last several months have had plenty of instances of that. Most people have no idea what's been going on inside my home.
9) While their separation and divorce were bitter, they resumed their friendship when Cher showed up at the opening of his restaurant in 1976. Have you ever made the first move in repairing a relationship?
Often. It doesn't always work, but sometimes the other person has seemed very glad that I made the first move.

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