Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday 9

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Mine Would Be You
If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.

1) The lyrics mention his respect for "90 proof and Marlboro Red." What was your most recent drink? When was your last cigarette?
I've never even tried smoking. There is nothing about it that has ever appealed to me in any way. Yuck. (sorry, smokers.... My favorite sister smoked, so it's not like it's a deal-breaker for liking people)
The last drink I had was probably a couple weeks ago: I have a bottle of Stoli stashed (hidden) so that I can have a pop once in awhile when Beast isn't around. If it were out in plain sight, it would be gone before I got more than two drinks, which is about what I had two weeks ago. Welcome to my world. I'll probably have a glass of wine at P.E.O. next Tuesday, God willing.
2) They also reference "singing like crazy fools." What's the last song you sang?
Out loud, it was probably the closing hymn last Sunday. In my head, well, I have had all kinds of stuff running around this week, from Michael Franti to Mozart to Miley Cyrus.
3) Blake Shelton won a Grammy for his performance of this song. Crazy Sam won the award for "most improved bowler" when she was in third grade, and it's now in a closet somewhere. Do you have any trophies? If so, where are they?
I have no trophies. I think I still have the prize certificate for winning the Best Political Cartoon in 9th grade Social Studies, and I won a turkey for Thanksgiving when I was 10 or so. Those are my claims to fame.
4) Blake is currently on tour. The merchandise sold at concerts brings in big money for the artist. Do you have any tour memorabilia (like a poster or t-shirt)?
I have a few T-shirts, most of which are too small for me these days. And we've bought CDs at concerts, too, from the opening acts especially, but not exclusively.
5) In addition to The Voice, Shelton is on TV a lot with his Pizza Hut commercials. What chain restaurant is nearest your home? Do you eat there?
Nearest my home, according to Google, is Subway and the pizza place that just brought us dinner (local, so that doesn't count). I haven't stopped at that Subway since before Sparky graduated from high school, so at least 3.5 years. Next closest chain is the McD's in the city I don't work in; our village (hah) is smack in between two bigger towns. I have indeed eaten food from that particular McDonald's.
6) Shelton has a million-seller CD called Cheers! It's Christmas! What's the first Christmas carol to pop into your head this hot summer Saturday?
"Silent Night" of course.
7) Shelton and Miranda Lambert were married in front of 550 guests. Do you enjoy weddings?
Generally, yes. I don't like over-the-top weddings, where people have obviously tried too hard. My three oldest nieces have had lovely, comfortable, friendly, fun weddings with nobody getting plastered and acting stupid.
8) The wedding took place on a big Texas ranch. Have you spent much time on a farm or a [r]anch?
Nope. No farmers in my immediate circle, though there are several at my church now. While both my parents had green thumbs, they were not interested in working on a farm EVer. Dad especially knew that farms were really REALLY hard work.
9) In 2013 he helped organize a relief benefit concert for victims of the Oklahoma tornado[e]s. Tell us about a charity you support.
Part of our money donated to our church supports Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and we support it in person as often as we can by visiting PDA sites to help out. Beast was part of a group doing cleanup about a month ago in a town not to far from us that was badly damaged by a tornado recently. The year after Katrina, several people from our church were in the Gulf doing cleanup there (in Mississippi, which was heavily damaged and flooded, but got considerably less attention than New Orleans). PDA works with Red Cross and other grass-roots organizations providing support and funds to people who are already doing the work, like their partnership with churches and organizations in the southwest right now dealing with all the Central American kids flooding the area.
And every year our church produces a simply humongous pile of boxes for Christmas Child. In just over a decade we have packed the equivalent of about 10 boxes per member.

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The Gal Herself said...

Do you remember what your award-winning cartoon was about?

Cat. said...

It was as giant teacup with the Union Jack on it with 13 overflowing tea "puddles" names for the colonies.

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