Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

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First 13 Headlines in My Google News Feed Tonight
  1. 298 killed after Malaysian airliner shot down in Ukraine

  2. Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza Strip

  3. Putin's dangerous proxy war

  4. Man convicted in 1999 fatal DUI case pleads guilty to driving drunk on same road last year

  5. [Local] printing plant to close later this year

  6. Two named to [Sparky's university] Dean's List

  7. Summer challenge: Luring young people to libraries

  8. Hobby Lobby owners hope to save America with new Bible museum

  9. Climate change news: Australia repeals carbon tax

  10. Militants kill 14 Tunisian soldiers in mountain ambush

  11. Elaine Stritch, Broadway's enduring dame, brassy to the end, dies at 89

  12. Beyoncé leads the MTV VMA nominations because of course she does

  13. 2 cases of chikungunya found in Florida
All--except, perhaps, the Beyoncé news--of which is to say that we're still going to hell in a handbasket.

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