Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday 5

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This week’s 5 is inspired by the party game Scattergories, in which players have to think of items, all beginning with the same letter, in several categories. For example, if the die is rolled and shows the letter T, players might have to name a soft drink, a farm animal, a river, and a U.S. President, all beginning with T. Valid answers might be Tab, turkey, Tennessee, and Tyler.

First, go to this nifty online random-letter generator. Set the “number of random letter sequences to generate” to 1. Set the “length of each random letter sequence” to 1. Leave the “letters to choose from” how it is and click the button. You’ll get a rather non-dramatic one letter. Use that letter to begin all your answers to the 5 questions below. Alternately, if you find that boring, you could set the “length of each random letter sequence” to 5, thereby giving you five letters, a different one for each question.

What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)?I'm going with jlfeu for each question (because I'm insane--I haven't looked at the questions yet, either)
  1. What article of clothing, whose name begins with the letter, have you never worn?
  2. E -- Evening gown
    F -- Fascinator
    J -- Jackboots
    L -- Lederhosen
    U -- Union suit
  3. What book, whose title begins with the letter, are you looking forward to reading?
  4. E -- Eye of the Red Tsar (Eastland)
    F -- Falling Off the Map : Some Lonely Places of The World (Iyer)
    J -- Jewish Literacy : The Most Important Things to Know about the Jewish Religion, Its People, and Its History (Telushkin)
    L -- Library : An Unquiet History (Battles)
    U -- Uglies (Westerfeld)
  5. What mode of transportation, whose name begins with the letter, seems like it would be fun?
  6. E -- Eighteen-wheeler
    F -- Fire engine
    J -- Jetpack
    L -- Landau (ok, yes, I'm stretching here, but really, FINDING a landau in which to ride would be a trick)
    U -- Unicycle
  7. What form of exercise, whose name begins with the letter, have you recently engaged in?
  8. I'm changing this to "would I consider engaging in," since otherwise this would be completely blank)
    E -- Elliptical machine
    F -- Fast walking
    J -- Jumping jacks
    L -- Lunges
    U -- Upper back stretches
  9. What fictional character, whose name begins with the letter, would be good company on a long trip?
  10. E -- Elphaba Thropp
    F -- Fagin
    J -- Jane Eyre
    L -- Linus Van Pelt
    U -- Uhuru (as in Lt.)

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Kwizgiver said...

Your last answer--wow! How eclectic! And I'm with you on the exercise...

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