Sunday, June 8, 2014

ABCs and 123s of the internet

I haven't done this in a long time. The idea is to type each letter of the alphabet and each number, one at a time, into the address bar of your browser. Take the top URL and type it next to the appropriate letter in the list. This works best if you haven't cleared your cache/history in awhile. So here's mine from today. Can you tell I'm doing laundry, i.e. killing time? I'm eliminating the most obvious hits for each letter (Amazon, Facebook, etc.). These results, especially the second set, do seem to be somewhat tied to my location, so a lot has been edited.
A - -- which I haven't used in eons!
B - -- no comments on this one; I use it a lot
C - -- a little cheat there since the first hit was a little too close to my personal life; on the other hand, I have no idea why I was looking at this, or even when!
D - -- what?? OK that's weird; I haven't visited that site in weeks, but ok
E - -- yay, I'm back on their subscriber list! But I don't visit the site that often normally
F - http:// -- I'll be using this again this week while Beast is traveling
G - -- yuppers
H - -- hmmm, this was a little tricky to find; I had to search https://h instead of just h
I - -- my RSS feed reader
J - -- specifically this post ... because I'm a word nerd.
K - -- :D
L - -- one of the blogs I've been reading the longest
M - http://mail.[myworkplace].info/zimbra/?client=advanced -- my work email
N - -- which I only use at work
O - -- library ebooks downloading
P - -- why, yes, I am a customer there
Q - -- sad but true
R - -- ditto above
S - -- (once I got rid of my own blogs)
T - -- I do use this a lot for quick checks on things I'm not sure I'm following in Spanish
U - -- don't go there that often, but often enough, I guess
V - -- insurance...I really REALLY need to call them!!
W - -- and I'm not the least bit ashamed
Y - -- really, I do watch too many videos, but not nearly as many as Sparky!
Z - -- odd, really odd but probably the only Z available
1 - -- this is the IP address for the Holiday Inn in Marion, Ohio; we were there on vacation in March
3 - -- from a photo I either posted on my blog, or found on someone else's blog; can't remember
4 - -- no clue
5 - -- don't use these
The corollary to this meme is just Google-searching each letter, or rather typing in each letter to see what the first hit is in the auto-complete. Here I'll do the actual first hit, and then the last of the choices on that list. And I'm eliminating anything identifying where I live, so sports teams and restaurant hits aren't included. ;-)
A - (zero actual searches starting with A); Amazon and Auto Trader
B - Bat (search*); Best Buy and Buzzfeed
C - Calling Peru (search*); Craigslist and Chase Online
D - Daniel Tammet savant (search*); Dictionary and Discover
E - Element 11 (search*); eBay and Edline
F - Fringe bangs (search*); Facebook and Frozen
G - Gewurztraminer (search); Google and Gamestop
H - Harry Potter series (search*); Hotmail and How I Met Your Mother
I - Iran Contra (search); Instagram and iTunes
J - JLS (search); Jimmy Johns and Jordan Belfort (who?)
K - Kirchenlexikon westheimer (search*); Kohl's and Kay Jewelers
L - Labrinth express yourself (search); Linkedin and League of Legends
M - Movies [my zipcode] (search); Mapquest and Minecraft
N - Norway Kristiansand (search*); Netflix and Nike
O - OCLC holdings symbols (search*); Old Navy and Overstock
P - Presbyterian youth triennium (search); Pinterest and Powerball
Q - Queen cakes (search); Quizlet and Qwop (huh?)
R - RSS feed (search); Redbox and Rate My Professor [where I just spent 20 minutes checking my son's profs)
S - Spaghetti sauce [recipe] (search); Southwest and Starbucks
T - Travis Obendorf (search); Target and Tumblr
U - USPS tracking (search); United Airlines and Ukraine
V - Voxer (search); Ventra and Viooz (no clue about EITHER of these)
W - Webmd symptom checker (search); Walmart and Weather [Big City Near Us]
X - (no searches); Xfinity and Xoom
Y - (no searches); Youtube and Yahoo Sports
Z - Zimbra (search*); Zillow and Zipcar
0 - (no searches); 0-60 Times and 00 Flour
1 - 11.5/17 (search); 12 Years a Slave and 1800Flowers
2 - 2789/25 (search); 2014 Calendar and 22 Jump Street
3 - 3000/12 (search*); 300 Rise of an Empire and 3 Days to Kill
4 - 433 e washington st [nearby town] (search); 4Chan and 49ers
5 - 55/3 (search); 53 and 5 Guys
6 - 6/17 (search); 6PM and 6 Weeks Pregnant
7 - (no searches); 7-Zip and 7th Heaven Band
8 - 8/3 (search); 8Tracks and 80s Songs
9 - 9781608862801 adventure time kaboom (search*); 9Gag and 90s Toys
* designates searches done for work-related purposes

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