Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday 13

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On My To-Do List Tomorrow This Weekend
  1. Go to a meeting.THIS is priority!
  2. Figure out if we're going anywhere on Sunday.
  3. Clean guinea pig cage.
  4. Redo my pedicure.
  5. Organize spare room.
  6. Enter receipts to help out Beast with the bills.
  7. Make grocery list, and shop.
  8. Put away last week's laundry and start this week's laundry.
  9. Mop floors, or at least sweep them.
  10. Clean toilets.
  11. Clean out pantry.
  12. Figure out vision plan insurance.
  13. Clean off desk.
It's amazing how that last item keeps ending up on the list, EVERY TIME I MAKE THE LIST!!

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