Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday 5

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Figure Five
This is going to sound lame to quite a few of you, but like many men my age, I went through several professional wrestling phases, and I've recently been reminded of my once-recurring fandom. Although I do not follow the non-sport anymore, I cannot resist listening to interviews with some of the stars of my youth. So this week, I give you five questions inspired by the names and nicknames of great wrestlers.
  1. In what way was someone recently rude to you?
  2. Well, being asked yesterday if I was expecting a boy or a girl was pretty out there.
  3. What's the most macho thing you've done recently?
  4. Hmm, I was crawling around the floor this morning trying to get a computer to work right. I'm not sure how macho that is. Does snorting about the fact that the library's section of flat roof is fixed count? Flat roofs suck. [Thanks, Dad.]
  5. What was the last occasion for which you wore a mask?
  6. I don't wear actual masks. I do wear a few metaphorical masks every day.
  7. What's a nice encounter you've had recently with nature?
  8. The daffodils are out, the frogs are singing, the sky is blue, the breeze is warm! And the ticks are here....though that is just hearsay as far as I know personally.
  9. Who cuts your hair?
  10. Shantell. She's done my hair for about 15 years now, except when she was on maternity leaves. Then Scarlett took over.

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