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Break Time (from the archives)

Originally posted 5/30/04

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Title: For the Book Lovers
What's the last book you read?:The last one I finished was The Revenge of Anguished English.
How was it?:Parts were very amusing. Parts irritated me (editing is a lost art).
What's your current favorite book?:Most recent favorites are The Book Thief and The Interestings.
Who's your current favorite author?:Lee Child
What's the first book you ever obsessed over?:Alien (the novel from the movie)*
Who's your favorite poet?:Emily Dickinson* and Ogden Nash
Your favorite short story author?:George Saunders' book The Tenth of December was delightful, but I still like Poe.*
What's your favorite genre?:Mystery*
What's your least favorite genre?:I'm not a fan of spy stories. For some reason that kind of mystery doesn't do it for me. And romance novels.
What's your "comfort book"?:A good mystery, even a predictable one.
Who are your five favorite authors?:Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, Kathleen Norris, Kent Haruf, Anne LaMott (all*)
Do you ever skip to the end to find out what happens?:Nope. Where's the fun in that? I have been known to skip chapters.
What's the worst book you ever read?:I'm struggling to name just one. There have been many, but I tend not to finish bad books these days.
The funniest book?:Almost anything by Bill Bryson makes me laugh. 
The saddest book?:The Book of Ruth, by Jane Hamilton* is damned sad. So is Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton. Lots of others.
Has a book ever made you cry?:About half of what I've read has made me cry.
What's the book you love to reccomend to people?:Mostly I find myself recommending YA books these days. If you haven't read the Hunger Games trilogy yet, or Roderick Gordon's books about the Styx, or...yeah.
What's the first section you go to when you walk into a bookstore?:Religion, games, mysteries. Magazines.
Do you buy books, or get them at the library or from friends?:95% library, 5% purchased*
What's the most you've ever paid for a book?:I've been buying college textbooks for a few years. I think the most expensive so far was over $500. smh
Was it worth it?:If we're basing worth on grades, then no.
Will you buy a book in hardcover or wait for it to come out in paperback?:I mostly read library books, so mostly hardcovers. If I'm buying, it's usually a paperback.
What's a book you bought on a whim, then regretted later?:Most hardcover novels. I mean, once you've read a novel, mostly there's no impetus to reread it.
How did you get turned onto your favorite book?:My sister Ellen recommended it.*
Do you/did you enjoy the short stories in English class textbooks?:I adore short stories.
What book have you read the most times?:Probably a tie between "The Little House" series and Alice in Wonderland.
Do you ever finish a book and immediately start to read it over?:No, though I do occasionally go back to check on things I missed, or didn't understand.
How do you feel about turning books into movies?:Mostly it's a bad idea, with some exceptions.*
What's the best book-to-movie?:The English Patient*
What's the worst book-to-movie?:Most of the rest of them (almost all of Stephen King's!)*
Have you ever gotten in trouble from reading when you aren't supposed to?:Yeah. ahem...*
Have you ever made a new friend from noticing the book they're reading?:I don't think so. That seems creepy to me.
Do you prefer books that take place in another world or time period?:I don't prefer them; I like them, if they are well-written.*
If you could live in any book's "world", which would you choose?:Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next books.*
Who's your favorite fictional hero?:Reacher (Lee Child)
Who's your favorite fictional heroine?:Amelia Peabody (Elizabeth Peters)*
Who's your favorite fictional villain?:If a villain is really well-drawn, it really ought to be hard to like them, I think. Dexter comes to mind, however.
Is there a book character that reminds you of yourself?:Many, but parts of Amelia Peabody's personality is awfully similar to mine.*
What book character do you hate?:Captain Ahab (Melville) and The Old Man (Hemingway)*
Have you ever, for any reason, dressed up as a character in a book?:Not intentionally.
Have you ever written fanfiction or done fanart?:No.*
Do you have a website dedicated to any of your favorite books?:I have a book blog, and I use GoodReads religiously.
Are you into any big-hype books, like Harry Potter of Lord of the Rings?:I've read all the HP books, but I only made it through one Twilight book (yuck). Adult books, I tend not to like the Big Name ones, with exceptions.
What book you have with you/next to you right now?:BrenĂ© Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection is on the couch next to me.

For the Book Lovers brought to you by BZOINK!
*Unchanged since last time.

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I couldn't finish The Interestings. It wasn't the right time. I'll try it again this summer.

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