Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You Should Have a Retro Name
You are the first to admit that you are a bit drawn to the past. You love like old fashioned things and sometimes wish for simpler times.

You embody the grace and charm of the past. You also have an amazing flair and style that others envy.

You believe that looking back can provide us with a lot of perspective and forgotten gems. History is less stodgy than it seems.

Retro names like Clara, Richard
, Ida, Charles, Margaret, Frank, Alice, Arthur, and Grace would suit you.
First of all, my mom called me "Grace" regularly, whenever I tripped or did something klutzy.

Secondly, I like old names because I can spell them. I have a name that is an "alternative" spelling for a common name and two other names that are not spelled the way most people think, so the idea of having a name like "Alice" is appealing.

Next, the past wasn't simpler, there was just less choice in a lot of areas where we in the U.S. have multiple options.

Finally, "Arthur" and "Frank" are not my favorite names, "Ida" is just fusty, "Margaret" has unpleasant associations, and "Charles" sounds like a butler (even though I know two boys under 25 who are named Charles, but both of them use different shortened versions). However, all of these names are better than Clarence, Arthur, Miriam, and Edith.

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