Saturday, April 19, 2014


You Are a Tablet
When you use the internet, you dig in. You're likely to get engrossed in an book, movie, or game [or website].

You're not as into bite-sized content and quick online distractions. You like to settle in for a while in a comfy spot.

Of all the types, you are the most solitary.
You're not so into a constant barrage of texts or social media messages.

You are very into media of all kinds, and you are always looking for great new photos, videos, and games to enjoy.
I don't like to be bothered on IM when I'm browsing and chilling out. Conversation isn't relaxing for me; it's energizing. Example today, by the way, is a website I came upon that discusses what the English language (and world) would look like if William the Conqueror had been just William, some-dude-who-failed-to-conquer. It's LONG, and complex, and meaty.

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