Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Stealing

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February Wrap-up

1) Candle scents this month:
Still using the winter candles: peppermint, pine, etc.
2) What I read this month:
I finished Hometown Revelations (Usler), Dino-Baby (Sperring), Buddy and the Bunnies In Don't Play with Your Food (Shea), All the Time in the World (Jenkins), The Girl Who Played with Fire (Larsson), The Drop (Connelly), Now I Know (Lewis), Vengeance (Kaminsky), The Fault in Our Stars (Green), Bad Things Happen (Dolan), Tenth of December (Saunders). Still working on The Leopard (Nesbø), The Interestings (Wolitzer), Five Days at Memorial (Fink), Fosse (Wasson), and National Geographic Who's Who in the Bible (Isbouts).
3) Top three songs I was drawn to:
I don't remember any great new songs. I did listen to "Jesus Christ Superstar" a couple of times through though.
4) Movies I saw:
Hah! I read about quite a few, but yeah, no viewings....
5) Favorite TV moments of the month:
I finished last summer's HBO series "The Bridge" finally. I don't think I understood the end, but I guess it'll be back this summer, so maybe that'll answer some questions.
6) Something yummy I made:
Dinner reservations.
7) Restaurants where I ate:
The highlight was probably Vegas, including the buffet at Caesar's Palace. Delish. I ate WAY too much in those four days.
8) Five things I am loving this month:
Let's see....I'm thrilled with the fact that we're closer to spring, my son is 21 and didn't go out and get blitzed to celebrate, I spent an NBA game in a suite eating yummy food and drinking booze (not much, relax), had a couple of fun meetings with colleagues, and I'm getting a better handle on psychological issues.
9) A goal I had for this month:
I don't "do" goals. I'm just trying to stay alive here.
10) This month I looked forward to:
Spring. To no avail.
11) Something I want to remember about this month:
The things from the meetings about the new database at work will come in handy.
12) A photo I took this month:
Biggest, and best-tasting, banana-nut muffin I've ever had, at The Egg & I (nowhere near the Strip in Vegas).

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Zippi Kit said...

Staying alive is the best goal. I love The Egg and I. It used to be in New York, I think, and spread.

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