Saturday, March 8, 2014

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Saturday Six

1. J is for JAPAN: What do you admire most about Japanese culture?
I love their ability to pull themselves together in community.
2. J is for JELLO: What's your favorite flavor of Jello; do you prefer it with chopped fruit inside or plain?
Orange, and plain.
3. J is for JNANA: Have you ever spent a period of time in meditation or prayer and come out of it feeling that you've genuinely achieved knowledge or a revelation you otherwise wouldn't have achieved?
Yes, I have.
4. J is for JOKE: Are the majority of jokes you laugh at more PG, PG-13, R or X-rated in nature?
They are funny--"maturity" level is immaterial.
5. J is for JUICE: Which fruit juice do you prefer to consume the most?
I like cranberry juice. Not because I "need" it, but because I really like the taste. I also like grapefruit, but I don't drink much of it because I'm afraid of drug interactions.
6. J is for JUNK: Of the things you most refuse to get rid of, what percentage would the average person consider to be "junk?"
There's very little I 'refuse' to get rid of, but I expect much of it would be considered junk. Pictures, old Bibles, letters...

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