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Friday Five BONUS!!!

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Set 1
  1. What did you dissect in high school?
    We started with cow eyeballs (I didn't get to keep the lens boo hoo; another girl in my group did) and then moved on to cats. Dissection was awesome!!
  2. In what non-bathroom places have you relieved yourself?
    Just the woods. Oh, and of course, when I was really young there were diapers and such and some accidents till I got the hang of the whole thing. Oops, and in hospital there are sometimes other arrangements made.
  3. When you first understood the concept of sexual intercourse, what did you think of it?
    "Uhm, eeewww!" I have to say. it is not the most dignified or organized act in the world.
  4. If you're a neat person, what's something you're messy about? If you're a messy person, what's something you're neat about?
  5. I'm rather hopeless when it comes to leaving stuff where I last used it. However, I do have a routine at work when I go home: everything is off the main work area of my desk: pencil, eraser, bookweight and sticky notes. Task list is in front of the computer. Monitor and lights are off. Nametag is on the overhead shelf cover. I used to be REALLY SUPER organized at my desk, but things have gotten rather out of control in the last few years.
  6. What did you like best about high school geometry (the subject, not the teacher, classmates, or whatever)?
    I liked the math parts. I hated with a steaming-red passion the proofs. I also liked that our teacher, Mr. Smith, always ended up with a chalk mark on his butt from leaning on the chalk tray while lecturing; it was endearing.
  7. What item at a salad bar gets you the most excited?
    REAL blue cheese crumbles. Though I have to say "excited" and "salad bar" aren't words I've ever really considered in the same sentence.
  8. Do some brands of bottled water taste better than others?
    Not really. Water is water, as long it's not local city water. That stuff tastes awful!
  9. If you could be employed in one of the technical jobs in film-making, what would you choose?
    I think perhaps doing research would be my forte, no? That, or checking on costuming details.
  10. How do you feel about couples (married or dating) having joint email accounts or joint Facebook accounts?
    I think it's really lame for young people on Facebook; get a life of your own, for creep's sake! For older people who may not really 'get' technology, though, I'm much more forgiving.
  11. Which character from The Wizard of Oz do you best relate to?
    Oh, I'm definitely the scarecrow. Used to be the lion, when I was a kid. And the tin man? Completely foreign to me, in every way. I have, at times--especially as a parent--like the Wicked Witch. Dorothy, Toto, and Glinda: never. I often feel like the Wizard while at the reference desk.
Set 2
  1. What's on your toilet tank?
    In the powder room, a dishtowel with fishes on it. In the master bath, mussel shells in a basket, something else...having trouble picturing it. In Sparky's bathroom, I think there is Kleenex and an allan wrench set (no clue...something Beast left in there, I think).
  2. What's on the dashboard of your car?
    Nothing. I hate having stuff slide around up there. So it's just dust.
  3. What's on top of your fridge?
    A plastic cup with dry-erase markers for the fridge calendar, and an empty Dom Perignon box.
  4. What's on your front porch?
    Two chair skeletons, a small table, a lobster-trap box and two planting bowls with dead plants in them. And NO SNOW!!!
  5. What's on your bathroom sink?
    On the counter next to the sink in the powder room is a mini etagere with African pieces on it, a PartyLite candle stand with a giraffe, a Bath & Body Works soap dispenser, and a Merkt's cheese lid with a bar of soap in it. Our bathroom: Kleenex, three bottles of lotion (one's almost empty), two face wash containers (both nearly empty), hand soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and plastic cup. Oh, and my Nook is charging. Usually my weekly pill sorter is there as well. And a magazine/book. Sparky's: Beast's electric beard trimmer, a soap dispenser...and I think that might be it.
  6. How have you personalized your space at work?
    I should take pictures of my cube. It's mostly dominated by a big READ poster with Patrick Stewart and photos of my favorite little kids (mostly family).
  7. What's the most you've spent on one meal out, and was it worth it?
    We ate at the top of the John Hancock building last summer, which I'm sure was ridiculously pricey, but well worth it. And there was as steak place that ran us $400 (for four people) for the meal, not counting the bar tab, about 15 years ago.
  8. What's the greatest height you've looked down from?
    I've been in airplanes.... Also, the Rockies. And yeah, the aforementioned Hancock Center. The London Eye. Several capitol domes before they were closed to the public....
  9. What animal have you seen in the wild that most people see only in books, in other visual media, or in zoos?
    I've seen plenty of coyotes, deer and little critters around my house. Buffalo.... OH! The safari park in Ontario was lovely; we got to stand around the pond and watch the elephants bathe, and we saw giraffes, lions and other big cats, monkeys, etc. And there's an exotic animal rescue site fairly near us where I saw ligers and lions and dog-wolves and a bear or two.
  10. Among songs in your iTunes (or other media player), how many contain the word "eye" or "eyes," and which is your favorite?
    "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" by Nina Simone, I think.
Set 3
  1. Who looks nice but is actually mean?
    I can't think of anyone I know who looks nice and is mean; mostly, people become how they act to me, so...mean behavior makes for mean-looking.
  2. Who looks mean but is actually nice?
    Lots and lots of people, but see above.
  3. What are your thoughts on red velvet cake, or on the plethora of red-velvet-flavored stuff out there nowadays?
    I like real red velvet cake, but it's getting a little out of control.
  4. What's the most ridiculous name you've ever heard for an actual band?
    Pretty sure The Dead Kennedys or Bikini Kill have to be up there, but Toad the Wet Sprocket wins as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Who in your life seems to be great at everything except romantic relationships?
    Oh, HELL no, I'm not going there! OK yes, my brother doesn't have a stellar track record...
  6. What's a really appetizing sound?
    Sizzling on a grill.
  7. Who in your life has a voice you really had to get used to?
    There's a woman who comes in the library whose voice is like grinding metal and glass. It is simply AWFUL, tone, pitch, over- and undertones, kinda whiny...everything. She makes my ears hurt.
  8. What's a sound you hear in your neighborhood that would puzzle newcomers but which you barely even notice anymore?
    Oh, I suppose the sounds of Little Baghdad, or the popping at the shooting range during the fall might be off-putting.
  9. A dentist's drill make a sound that most of us can barely tolerate, but it means something is being done for someone's well-being. What's another sound like that?
    Uhm, hello, SIRENS?!
  10. Of the sounds you hear when out on a walk, what's the best?
    When I'm out walking in my neighborhood, all I hear is the wind blowing and the occasional barking dog. And cars driving past. Sometimes there are kids out playing in their yards, but not often; I suppose that would be my favorite.
Set 4
  1. What was the name of your college's sports teams, and what did you think of that name?
    We were the Pioneers; Sparky is currently a Pioneer. It's not a great mascot.
  2. What was your favorite thing about your college specifically?
    Everything! I loved college. OK, specifically? The size of the campus, and the nooks and crannies in the library.
  3. What was your least favorite thing about your college specifically?
    The campus radio station was in the basement of one of the dorms. It was filthy--I'm not sure I could actually stand being in there nowadays--and dark and gross and showed exactly what the college thought of it.
  4. Where was the best place on your college campus (or near campus) to get lunch?
    We always ate at the grill when we didn't want "dining room food." Both were in the Union. Well, actually, they still are, but now there are some other healthier options too, like a salad center and a juice bar. They have an Au Bon Pain on campus now too.
  5. Where was the best place on your college campus to spend time alone with someone?
    Well, those nooks and crannies in the library, for one. ;-) And the language lab where I did my work-study; very little traffic there.
  6. Which of your college sports teams was the most competitive? Which was the least?
    We sucked at football. The men's and especially women's basketball teams, though, were and are still good.
  7. What organizations did you belong to on your college campus, or what campus jobs did you have?
    I think I've kind of answered this. I didn't join a lot of organized groups, but I went to a lot of their parties and functions.
  8. What was the best thing you could get fro[m] a vending machine on your college campus?
    I'm...not even sure we had vending machines...? Oh, wait, yeah there was one near the laundry room in my dorm. Candy bars, I guess.
  9. What’s something you did in college that your parents would have disapproved of?
    Drinking, yo.
  10. If you HAD to pick one, which of your college instructors was the hottest?
    Probably Mr. V--English prof of the floppy-haired, head-in-the-clouds, clueless romantic-poet variety. Nice guy, and he wasn't particularly clueless or romantic-poet-like. Most of the other profs were OOOOOOLD (like my age now), so there wasn't a lot of sighing really going on.

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