Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday 5 (delayed)

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  1. What item in your house is pleasantly useless?
  2. I tend to not keep a lot of useless stuff around the house. We do, of course, have a junk drawer (or two, or a room-full of them) but I can't think of anything particularly pleasant about any of that stuff. Possibly the most pleasantly useless thing in the house is the plywood miniature sorta-Eiffel Tower painted blue. Or our college textbooks in storage.
  3. What item in your house was used exactly once and will probably never be used for its intended purpose again?
  4. I'm sure Beast has a ton of this sort of thing in his workroom; he buys tools for one thing way too often. I can't name one specific thing, except I think he bought a car-washing gizmo a few summers ago that has, so far, MAYBE been used once.
  5. What situation do you continue to attempt repairing 'though your efforts appear to be useless?
  6. I have been trying, fairly successfully, to stop doing this. If it's useless, why keep trying? On the other hand, I need to keep trying to lose some weight. .....sigh.....
  7. What are your thoughts on belly buttons?
  8. I think they are weird. I prefer innies--outies kinda gross me out. Generally, however, I have to say that I don't spend a lot of time thinking about belly buttons.
  9. What food item at your grocery store keeps calling out to you, 'though you have no idea what you'd do with it?
  10. Quinoa.

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