Sunday, July 21, 2013


You Are Mysterious
You are very passionate, but you only show your passion to those close to you.

Your emotions are both intense and deep. You keep them bottled up because you are afraid of their power.

You have both an alluring and confident way about you. And your persona is 100% real.

You may have been the type to fake it until you make it
in the past. Now that you've arrived, you're happy being you.

You are assertive but never overly aggressive. You set your sights high and just go for it.

You have the courage to be yourself
, and people naturally respect that. No one can figure out the secret to your success.
Well, no: pretty much everyone knows that I have a, that I'm "passionate" about things. I am rather fearful of that, which is why I don't bottle them up. I've given up trying to be someone I'm not, but I do still subscribe to the "fake it till you make it" way of approaching difficult situations.

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