Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Stealing

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What kind of car would you buy?
I have a pretty damned awesome car already. I think I'd just bank the car money. Or buy one of my coworkers a car that is younger than her 12-year-old son.
Where in the country would you move to?
OK, those of you who know me, all together now: COLORADO. I really have to get out of corn-land! Allergies are kicking up today in a big ol' way here in not-Colorado.
What kind of house would you buy?
I would love a small cabin near a lake or river in the mountains. It has to have good plumbing, good HVAC, and good internet.

Would you give your family any money?
I don't think any of them are in dire need, but I might send those who don't ask.
What charity would you donate to?
Lots of them: Heifer International, Christmas Child, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and a LOT of locally-based organizations.
Would you give your friends any money?
Yes. I have at least two friends in mind that could use a financial boost.
Where would you go on vacation?
Around the world.
What luxury item would you buy first?
A really, really good gaming computer is the only thing that comes to mind. There's not really anything "luxurious" that I want. ... HOLD ON! I'd hire someone to plan and make my meals!!
Would it change your life?
Of course. How could it not?
Would you save any of it?
Most of it. Honestly, the reality is that my day-to-day life would (I hope) change very little. I'm unlikely to quit my job or go gallivanting around the world for a year.
Would it change your current relationship?
I hope it wouldn't change any of my relationships.
Would you quit your job?
Nope. Though, to be honest, I might burn a whole lotta vacation time up. I've been singularly uninspired the last week or so at work.
Would you ever work again?
The thought of sitting around doing nothing for another 30+ years terrifies me. Of course I'd work! Besides, winning "a million dollars" nets you less than $700,000, and puts you in a higher tax bracket for a long as you have that money. So, it's not like it's going to last me 30 years....
What one task would you never do again?
Plan weekly meals and grocery shop for them.
What dream of yours would you be able to do?
I would love to start a foundation to help hurt children.
Would you change the way you dress?
Hell no! In fact, I'd probably stock up on Lees and Levis and a slightly higher grade of T-shirts, and ditch the rest of my wardrobe. OK, I might buy a gazillion more cute shoes every month...
Would you change anything about your body?
Theoretically, someone planning my meals means I won't eat so much shit, so maybe I'd lose weight. If my chef could double as a personal trainer, that would be even better.
Would you miss anything about not being rich?
Not worrying about money. I know, that seems backwards, but it strikes me that people with lots of money spend a whole lot of energy being afraid of losing it all. If you ain't got it to lose, you can't worry about losing it. [and yes, that is a gross generalization--poor people do worry a great deal about money, but in a different way entirely from what I'm talking about.]
Who would be the first person you tell?
Beast. And our financial "people." Other than that, I'd really like to not tell anyone.
Would it bring you happiness?
Who knows? Probably not. Happiness is somewhat fleeting regardless. I'd settle for comfortable.

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Kwizgiver said...

I get what you mean about worrying/not worrying about $.

jennifer anderson said...

interesting that you would think of peoples real needs first before giving money

Bev Sykes said...

I'm with you on that "planning and making meals" business...add "and clean up afterwards" to that!

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