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Saturday Six

1. What nickname for the bathroom (i.e., "restroom", "toilet", etc.) do you use most often?
"Bathroom" is the leader by a wide margin for me, but I've been known to "hit the head", "go for a pee", "use the restroom" (usually said affectedly), "need a pitstop", or ask for a "loo" or "toilet" depending on ... well, mostly whim except for the last two since that's how you ask for a bathroom in England.
2. What do you normally call the season of the year that follows summer: autumn or fall?
I prefer "autumn", but I probably say "fall" more often.
3. What nicknames (i.e., "Granny", "Pop", etc.) did you use to address your grandparents?
They were all dead by the time I was 8 so I'm going with family lore here. Dad's mom was "Grandma" (or often called "Grandma [last name]" I think ... unless that was my dad's grandma; I was never entirely sure, because there was also "Grandma D[...]", dad's maternal grandmother who cropped up often in conversation). My mom's mom was "Nannie." Her husband died just a few months after my parents were married, so he was essentially never mentioned, or only in context. The other grandpa was just "Grandpa" although for whatever reason, my brother almost always refers to him as "Grandpa [last name]" all the time.
We immediately differentiated when Sparky was born: Beast's parents were "Grandma and Grandpa" and my parents were "Gram and Grandad."
My sister is "Grandma" and her husband insists on "Grandfather" (wtf...). Luckily, I'm in no great rush to have to find a name for myself. ;-)
4. What do you usually call the meal you have in the middle of the day: lunch or dinner?
Lunch. "Dinner" is on Sunday at lunchtime, which is virtually unheard of in my marriage. I grew up with Sunday dinners, meaning we were more or less on our own for Sunday night food. Dinner was a big deal, and mostly cooked while we were at church.
5. What do you usually call the meal you have in the evening: "dinner" or "supper"?
Interchangeable. Mostly "dinner" I guess. I've picked that up from Beast. Pretty sure I grew up with "supper" as the default. "Dinner" is fancier-sounding.
6. What do you usually call a soft drink: a "soda", a "pop", a "Coke" (even if it's something else) or a "soft drink"?
I grew up with "pop" and I'm glad to be back where that's the usual term. When we lived a little further north, it was "soda" and people laughed at you for anything else. "Soft drink" is ridiculous. I don't use the term "hard drinks" even when I'm boozing it up! And while I know in some southern states, "Coke" is generic, I'm not ok with that. And my brother, being the weirdo, often says "sodapop."

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