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You Are Open to Experience
You are open and ready for whatever life has to offer you - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You try to live without defensiveness, judgment, or expectations. You'll just take it all as it comes.

You accept your feelings and let yourself react to things.
But you don't let your feelings cloud your thoughts.

By cultivating this openness and courage, you're able to experience so much of what life has to offer. You are generally unafraid.

You are able to deal with reality and see the picture clearly. It may not always be pretty, but you're willing to work on that.

You are both practical and flexible. You believe that problems can be fixed, and you're open to any solutions!
Well, ok, some of this is right on. I try to take things as they come, but I also do get emotional sometimes. Let's put it this way: this is a goal I aspire to, but regularly fail at achieving.
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You Are a Salty Snacker

You prefer you snacks to have a bit of an edge to them, and they've got to have some saltiness to complete their flavor.

Besides salty snacks, it's also likely that you go for something with a bit of crunch, zest, and or spice.

Unlike sweet snackers, you aren't the most agreeable person in the world. You know what you like and go for it.

We tend to crave salt when times are tense, and that describes you as well. You dig the comfy oxytocin salt brings on.

If you want a healthier salt fix, try salting your food yourself - you'll probably eat less of it that way.

Consider healthy options like veggies and hummus or air popped popcorn. There's still plenty of salt in them to keep you munching.
This is pretty much dead wrong. Everyone who reads this blogs knows I'm a sugar fiend. {{shrug}} Oh well.
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Your Heart is Cautious
You want love as much as the next person, but you're a bit shy. You've been hurt before.

You need to be sure that you've found the right person before you make the leap. And you're willing to take your time.

You tend to be a perfectionist in all aspects of your life, and this includes love. You are the type to have a checklist.

You may have high standards for your partner, but you also have high standards for yourself. You make sure that you are quality relationship material.

You can even be a bit of a relationship expert at times. You've thought long and hard what it takes to make one work.

Deep down, all you want is a love that will last a lifetime. And you're willing to work hard to make that happen.
I suppose the end of this is pretty true, but keep in mind I've had 26+ years to work on and think about one person/relationship. I'm not so sure this was remotely accurate prior to getting married. ;-)
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You Are Somewhat Eccentric

You have always felt that you're a bit outside the mainstream. You're not as normal as most people.

In fact, while you may fit in just fine, you feel a bit like you're passing for someone you're not.
Deep down, you're very different.

You can't help but notice that you think and react differently to the world. You are on your own wavelength.

You have your own thing going on, and you're cool with that. You fit in where you can and go your own way where you can't.

You are quite comfortable in your weirdness and probably have a well cultivated collection of dear misfit friends.

You may not understand normal people, but you're good at finding those who accept you for who you are... and aren't!
I'm really not all that different, I suppose, but I've always felt a little weird, a little off-kilter, a little out of the clique. I like it there, watching the weirdness of "normal."
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You Are Sincerely

You're the type of person who puts manners first. You always act appropriately.

You are conscientious and responsible. You don't like the feeling of procrastinating or shirking.

While you don't always sign your emails 'Sincerely,' you make sure that they are well composed.

Whether you're emailing a friend or a business associate, you take the time to double check your words.

More than any other type, you make sure email doesn't pile up for you. You know it's important to reply quickly.

Some may say that email is going out of style, but you still consider it an art form.

And you couldn't imagine living without it.
I never use a sign-off in email. But I do try to write coherent and timely responses.
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You Are Coke
You best fit the demographics of a Coke drinker. You are cultured, sophisticated, and well traveled.

You probably score a bit higher on openness and conscientiousness scales than most people. You like to live the good life.

You are more likely than Pepsi drinkers to have taken a vacation in the past six months. And you probably love to travel internationally.

You have sophisticated taste, and you don't shy away from unusual delicacies. You're also more likely to have tried caviar.

You are urban and artistic. You are likely to enjoy visiting art galleries and participating in other cultural activities.

You are well educated and probably quite intellectual. You are more likely than a Pepsi drinker to have finished college.
OK, this just makes me laugh. Coke drinkers are more cultured and sophisticated?? smh I don't know where they get this sort of thing, but aside from that, most of this is vaguely appropriate, except the whole caviar thing. {{SHUDDER}}

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