Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday 13

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Things I Really Should Have Done Today (oh well)
  1. Made fudge
  2. Made cookies
  3. Finished my work stuff, or at least get further along
  4. NOT fallen down (my shoulders and back and hips ache from catching myself, and my butt is bruised)
  5. Put away my clean clothes--from the past two weekends
  6. Wrapped presents
  7. Decorated that &^$*#ing tree two feet to my left
  8. Taken a nap
  9. Talked to Sparky about ... several things
  10. Cleaned off my desk
  11. Worked more on transferring book reviews to GoodReads from various sources (print and my reading blog)
  12. Planned meals for the next week or so
  13. Brought my clean, hanging clothes upstairs.
I did do some things today: took out the trash, went and bought cookie and fudge makin's, washed sweaters and lingerie, emptied the dishwasher, threw away expired food and washed out the garbage and recycling bins, whinged a LOT about the weather on Facebook, reconnected with my godson (also on Facebook), and made mac 'n cheese for dinner. Not bad for a 'day off' I guess.

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Anonymous said...

You know, now that you mention it, fudge sounds really good right about now. *smile* Have a great day!

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