Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Stealing

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The 11/11 Questions meme

What is your favorite possession?
I'm not sure I can answer this. My bed ranks up there. My laptop, too. My house. There are quite a lot of small things that I cherish. Nope, can't pick one. Sorry. Moving on...
Do you like to read? If so, which books do you love best?
Uh, yeah, I read. Sometimes. I like good books.
This question made my brain hurt--I read all the time, mostly mysteries and history.
Do you have any pets?
We own two guinea pigs.
What was your favorite food as a child? Is it the same now?
I really loved cheese as a kid. Still do. Not sure if it's my absolute favorite, but it'll do for the purpose of this meme.
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
It's the laziest way to feel like I've written something.
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
In the mountains in a small house with a really good internet connection and not too far from a public library.
What is your favorite number?
4,328,109. Or not.
Which of these things would you find hardest to give up for a year? Chocolate, reading, coffee or smoking?
Reading. Two of the things on the list don't apply to me at all, and I don't eat very much chocolate.
If you could make your life into a movie, what would you name it.. and who would you want to play you?
I would prefer to produce, not write or direct (or, feh, star!), so they could do the naming, and the hiring of actors. Of course, I would want to be able to veto ridiculous choices, like, oh, Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie.
If you had £20,000 for a shopping spree, what would you buy?
Furniture. Not necessarily all for myself, though. First thing I'd do, however, would be to change it into American money. ;-)
If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
Meryl Streep is the first person to spring to mind, so...ok, I'll go with that.

5 sweet-talkers :

Kwizgiver said...

I'd let you buy some furniture for me! ;-)

Jodi said...

You are the first person to write about changing it to American money...very intelligent!!

NerdBliss said...

Cheese might be the best food ever.

Cat. said...

KW: lol

Jodi: I didn't see it right away....

NB: Indeed. "Wensleydale!"

Smellyann said...

I love cheese!!! All kinds. Except limburger, bleh!

Loved that you specified a *really good* internet connection in the mountains - yup! :D


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