Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Saturday Six

1. Q is for QUACK: What’s the worst medical advice you ever received?
The doctor my family went to when I was young was pretty awful. When I went for my first full Big Girl exam, for instance, which of course included a breast exam, he informed me in the middle of that that once I got married my husband could do that for me. I was 18ish and shy and alone in the room with him; if a doctor said anything like that to me now, my next call would be to the state licensing board...if the nurse that is now required to be in the room didn't slap him upside the head first.
2. Q is for QUEEN: What do you think you’d most enjoy about living the life of royalty?
Not having to shop for clothes or food.
3. Q is for QUICK: What household chores are you lease [sic] likely to procrastinate about doing?
Uhmmmmm...I guess dishes. But I procrastinate on those too. In fact there are some hand-wash items that have been sitting all week....
4. Q is for QUIET: Where do you go when you feel like you need quiet time alone with no distractions?
If I'm home alone, I'll just turn off the computer and TV and read here on the couch. Otherwise, I'll head up to my room, or go for a drive.
5. Q is for QUIT: What would you most like to quit doing in 2013?
Eating everything that doesn't move!
6. Q is for QUIZ: What subject in school did you most dread a pop quiz in?
I never minded pop quizzes, ever. But I suppose science and/or math would have been most problematic.

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