Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Saturday 6

1. If you had to choose between being married to someone you no longer loved with no chance for divorce or separation, or being single forever, which would you choose?
Why do I no longer love this guy? Is he abusive, or do I still like him but don't want to be married? I mean, there is a lot going on here that is unexplained in the question, so I'll stick with him for the time being. Marriages have a way of cycling through some weird periods and I'd rather stay the course than jump out of some sense of needing more drama. Having said that, if he was hitting me (or hitting on other women), I'm gone.
2. If you had to give up either the use of your arms or legs, which would you choose and why?
Tempting to immediately say legs because there are always wheelchairs, and no longer being able to type OR write would suck. Can lose one of each?? Like, my left arm and left leg? That might not be so bad.
3. Which annoys you more: poor grammar or poor spelling?
I tend to notice poor spelling much more quickly. For instance, an admin on a Facebook page just posted something about "sewing and reaping" and I had to restrain myself from screaming at them in a comment. It also depends on the context: public information should be RIGHT, but if you text me something like "i cant go bc im 2 busy 2nite txtme tmrw 4 u cal" I'm not going to flip out.
4. Which would you enjoy more in an arcade: a video game or a pinball machine?
5. You have the chance to spend time with a close friend: would you prefer to spend time one-on-one over a homemade meal or in a nice, quiet restaurant?
I don't really care, honestly, but if there is cooking involved it's going to go better if s/he cooks. ;-)
6. For one month, you can only communicate with those around you electronically: would you choose email or texting, and why?
Email. Though this week we haven't had net access at home because of some work on the wireless tower antenna we use. We are/have been poaching a signal off a neighbor. That's my next task: checking to see if our signal is back yet. We'd better get a discount on our bill this month!

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