Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday 5

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This week’s 5 is inspired by the party game Scattergories, in which players have to come up with items, all beginning with the same letter, in several categories. For example, if the die is rolled and shows the letter R, players might have to come up with a soft drink, a farm animal, a river, and a U.S. President, all beginning with R. Valid answers might be root beer, rooster, Rhine, and Roosevelt.

First, go to this nifty online
random-letter generator. Set the “number of random letter sequences to generate” to 1. Set the “length of each random letter sequence” to 1. Leave the “letters to choose from” how it is and click the button. You’ll get a rather non-dramatic one letter. Use that letter to begin all your answers to the 5 questions below.

Alternately, if you find that boring, you could set the “length of each random letter sequence” to 5, thereby giving you five letters, a different one for each question.
What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator? (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)
Oh shit.

1. With what famous person, whose name begins with the letter, would you most like to be stuck on a desert island?
Virginia Dare. She has some experience in being stranded in a foreign place. Or Rudolph Valentino: nice looking and silent. ;-)
2. What food item, whose name begins with the letter, can always be found in your pantry
3. What song, whose title begins with the letter, always makes you feel good?
"Voice of Truth" (Casting Crowns)
4. What is your least-favorite film whose title begins with the letter?
I've only seen one, I think ("Vertigo") and I enjoyed it, so...working with this list, it would probably be "Vanilla Sky."
5. What unusual animal, whose name begins with the letter, would be a fun pet?
I'm in the sort of mood today when a velociraptor sounds rather interesting, assuming it could be trained. Normally, I'd say a vicuña.

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