Friday, May 15, 2009

RevGal Friday Five

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List 5 different types of friends you have had in your life and what they were/are like.
  1. School friends--...but of course. Where else do we make friends, and cultivate long-lasting ties but with those people in our lives for 6 hours a day?
  2. Neighborhood friends--You'd think these would overlap with the first group, but watching Sparky navigate childhood reminded me that those with whom you run the backyards are not necessarily those to whom you would be caught dead talking at school.
  3. Church friends--Because we went to church in a different suburb from the one in which we lived growing up, there was no one from the first two groups of friends at church. This hasn't changed much now that I'm an adult.
  4. Dorm friends--These are not necessarily good friends, but if you lived in the dorms you have no choice but to develop bonds with the people you want to kill at 2 a.m. when they stagger down the hall past your door singing drunken versions of Top 40 hits. Or when they get out the FisherPrice bowling set and roll the plastic ball ALL.THE.WAY down the corridor.... Of course, I never did either of those things. {snort}
  5. Family friends--At some point we all realize that there are relatives we love because they are family, and there are relatives who become our friends, thus multiplying the love.

As a bonus, put a link to a new (to you) blogging friend and introduce us!
I've met so many new people online that it's hard to pick one. So, I'm going with the most recently added blog: Awful Library Books. "Awful" for any number of reasons, but the most recent posts focus on books that really, really, REALLY should not be on (most) libraries' shelves. Lotsa facepalms. [pointed out to me by a coworker via Twitter about 2 hours ago]

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