Saturday, November 1, 2008

Patrick's Place

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Saturday 6

1. In your own blog, are you more likely to discuss personal relationships, religion or politics?
Oh, I cover it all. huh Primarily, it's about personal stuff, but lately there's been plenty of politics.
2. If you needed a "tagline" or sub-title for your blog, what would you use to describe your blog?
My memes blog doesn't really require a tagline. My main blog's tagline is
~ ~ the sound of my soul ~ ~

I work in a public library
I spend time voluntarily with teenagers
... the rest of my life is equally weird ...
Buckle up -- it's a bumpy ride
3. You notice that a close "blog buddy" of yours has suddenly removed the link to your blog from his or her website. Do you contact that person to ask why you’re no longer linked, or ignore it?
I'd probably ask, but it would also probably take me weeks/months to notice since I primarily read in Bloglines and only visit to comment my closest blog-buddies. Ironically, I've just cleaned out my blogroll recently.
4. Take the quiz: What Kind of Blogger Are You?
When I took this last time I was a "life blogger." I still am.
5. If there was no such thing as feed readers, the sites that allow you keep up with multiple blogs at once, and the only way for you to actually keep up with your blogging friends was to actually go to their own individual blog every time, how many blogs do you think you would seriously read regularly?
Probably 8 or 9. I'd stop--or cut WAY back on--the memes, that's for sure!!
6. If you learned that each of the following people had been secretly reading your blog for a while now, which one would make you want to look back through your content to see if any apologies might be necessary: your parents, your children, your best friend, your pastor, your boss, or your worst enemy?
My best friend(s) read it/them already. I would probably need to apologize to several family members and coworkers--if they'd still speak to me! My worst enemy? I'd never apologize to whoever that is! What would be the point? And I like my boss and pastor; don't think I've said anything really awful about either of them.

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