Saturday, December 14, 2013

Patrick's Place

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Saturday Six

1. How many pairs of scissors do you own?
I would estimate 10. Some are sharper than others.
2. How often do you get a haircut?
Every five weeks, like clockwork.
3. Would you ever be brave enough to cut your own hair?
Brave? More like stupid, like all young girls. I "trimmed" my bangs when I was about 8, and left myself with only about two inches' worth. I did cut Sparky's hair when he was little, but only until I slipped and "trimmed" off the very tip of one ear.
4. How many times have you had surgery?
Just once, unless post-childbirth stitches count.
5. Be honest: have you ever run with a pair of scissors in your hand?
Of course I have. How else would I ever have heard the warning not to do it!?
6. Do you own a pair of poultry shears, and if so, have you ever used them to cut meat?
Nope, and no. Knives are good, thanks.

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