Saturday, December 7, 2013

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Saturday Six

1. What's the largest denomination of paper money you've ever held in your hand?
I believe I have touched a $1000 bill, although perhaps it was a $500.
2. What's the largest denomination of paper money you currently have in your wallet or purse?
I rarely have anything bigger than $20s
3. When you read a newspaper, are you more likely now to read a print edition, a mobile edition or a web edition?
I don't read newspapers, except the headlines and about every 10th article that are in my RSS feed, which is local news only.
4. How often do you use paper plates instead of traditional plates when eating at home?
Only when having large numbers of guests at a casual do: cookout, Super Bowl party, etc.
5. Do you send paper Christmas cards, online Christmas cards, or have you abandoned the practice altogether?
We didn't do them last year at all. Not sure about this year, but I'm thinking not. I don't see the point, what with Facebook.
6. When you were in school and your teacher gave a test, which type of questions did you most hope to see on the paper: multiple choice, fill-in the blank, true/false or essay?
Well, essays took time, but I really did fine on all tests, regardless.

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